Our embroidery production is the state of the art – multi-head computerized machines.

You can think of an embroidery machine as a printer that uses thread instead of ink or toner. Designs can come to life just by changing thread colors. Our embroidery machines read an electronic file containing your design and “sew” it on your item.

As you can imagine, embroidery machines cannot just read any computer file. Logos must be “digitized” or converted into an electronic format which the machines can read. This process is done through software and an artist re-creating the artwork to represent the original artwork. There is generally a setup charge associated with this process.

  • For embroidery art we can accept JPEGS saved at high resolution (300 dpi)
  • Embroidery art must be digitized (created in stitches)
  • Prices for digitizing depend on the size of the art and the stitch count
  • Text can be no smaller than .25” in height on a lowercase letter

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