Our Graphic Artists have the ability to convert even the most complex designs into printable masterpieces. We offer the following guidelines for those who wish to send us their electronic files. Following these guidelines can reduce the time it will take us to make your design printable, thus reducing your Art & Set-up charges.

SOFTWARE – The ideal program to create your design in is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is great because it is a scalable “vector” based graphics application. It gives us the ability to adjust the size of your design, make changes to colors, and set type with a few clicks of a mouse without negatively affecting the quality of your image. If you have a business and a professional graphic designer created your logo, most likely they created your logo in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

FONTS – To avoid font conflicts, convert all of the type in your design to “Curves” when exporting file. Please include font name.

COLORS – Use spot colors. The screen printing world uses spot colors. Only use CMYK if you are intending on the design printing in process colors.

B&W SCANS of logos – Resolution, 300 dpi, Scale 100%, File format .tif, Mode Black & White (1bit) NOT GRAYSCALE.

GRAYSCALE SCANS of Photographs – Resolution, 300 dpi, Scale 100%, File format .eps, Mode Grayscale.

COLOR SCANS of Photographs – Resolution, 300 dpi, Scale 100%, File format .eps, Mode CMYK.

Don’t want to concern yourself with all this techno stuff? No problem! We’ve got the talent and tools to get your logo on your apparel. Send us whatever you have and we’ll take it from there. We can recreate your logo from hard copy original art, .jpeg, .gif or .bmp file copy and pasted from the internet.

Email us: design@mydormers.com